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Returns & Exchanges

We make it easy to Return or Exchange (within 30 days).

Just send us a completed SPEED FORM in order to Return merchandise. Please read both our "Policies and FAQs" links prior to faxing your SPEED FORM to a Customer Service Representative. SPEED FORMS will be returned to you by Fax or Email, within 48 hours, along with your "Approved Code" or "Return Authorization Number" and Return Center Address in your region.

Please note, a Speed Form must be completed in order to Return any products...

Please fill in all required blanks + MAKE A COPY.

A COPY must also be included in the Box that you return.

Then, Please FAX a completed copy to Customer Service in order to receive your RA. An RA# is good for 10 days only and must be requested by the customer within 15 days of having received their merchandise.

Next, Please WRITE your RA# (LARGE) on the outside of your box and on each SPEED FORM. 1 is a copy for your records. Remember the 2nd goes in the box you return. If you return Multiple Boxes, you must make Multiple Copies and place 1 inside each box. This is for your safety and security.

SHIP TO: Your RA# will determine which location you return your product to.

If you receive an RAS authorization #, please SHIP TO:

SHIRTsupplier.com 581 Territorial Drive

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

If you receive an RAM authorization#, please SHIP TO:

SHIRTsupplier.com 864 Grand Ave, Suite 505

San Diego, CA 92109

NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED without an official RA# written on the outside of the box.

Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning or exchanging items.

Please READ all of our Policies & FAQs on line Prior To Completing this Form.

Click Here to View/Download/Print the SPEED FORM

NOTE: Any apparel, improperly marked, or shipped without authorization will not be returned or credited to the Customer. It will be donated to a favorite charity at year end. This Policy is strictly enforced.


Customer is responsible for all shipping costs on returned merchandise, unless an error was made that was not caused by the Customer.

There will be NO INDUSTRY STANDARD 20% Restocking Fees on any returned merchandise (if instructions are followed), yet, the minimum fee is set at $15.00 for Canceled Orders Only. Consistent with Wholesale Industry Standards, all returns must be in 1st quality, sale-able condition. If Return Authorization Instructions are not followed, we reserve the right to charge a 50% Restocking Fee.


Our customers do not have to wait for their returned items to be received, reviewed & restocked, prior to having their replacement goods sent out.

First you will need to FILL out and FAX us a SPEED FORM to receive an RA#.

Here is the link for your convenience>

Click Here to View/Download/Print the SPEED FORM

You are no longer required to fill out the bottom section on the SPEED FORM for an EXCHANGE. If you do fill out the Exchange Portion on the SPEED FORM, and you do not place your order on line for your Exchange items, your Exchange items will NOT be Shipped.

An EXCHANGE requires both a RETURN and a REORDER.

As a courtesy... During the REORDER, we will Reduce Shipping ($5) if:

1) You fax us your SPEED FORM 1st

2) You reference your RA# (Return Authorization #) on your REORDER in the Comments/Notes Text Box during the reorder process.

Once we receive your FAXED SPEED FORM... Your RA# may take up to 2 business days to receive by email, then please follow the specific instructions provided. Then, you may place your order on line for your Exchange items.

Once your Return is received, evaluated & returned to Stock, your credit will immediately be applied back on to the credit card you used for purchase.

Thank You for Trusting ShirtSupplier.com Products and Services, since 1985.

We sincerely appreciate your business.


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